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How to urinate gracefully when you are stuck in a traffic jam

Let's say you are stuck in a traffic jam and need to pee desperately. What would you do to release yourself?
Stop on the roadside, and open both side doors to create some privacy?
That works if you are in the right lane.
Use an empty bottle?
If you are a male, that might work.

How do we do it smartly and elegantly?
Well, a Chinese company provide a solution for this - an Emergency pee bag.

  • It is a disposable plastic bag with 750ml capacity.
  • With a duckbill opening so that female can use it also.
  • It has some fillings in the bag which will absorb the liquid & smell quickly, and turn into a gel, and the opening has a sealing zipper, so you don't need to worry the liquid will splash out.
  • It is in a pillbox size package, 4 pcs each package, each piece packed separately by a plastic bag.

Put one box in your glove box, and you'll never face the embracing situation again.

Not just for traffic jam, it can also be used by disabled people and for airsick etc. 

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