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What kind of lighters can I bring to an air plane?

If you are taking an airplane, you may want to consider the regulations of lighters before bring your favourite lighters with you. 

Each country might have different regulations regarding lighters.
Here in China, any type of fire source is forbidden to be taken on board. At the security checkpoint, you can easily find hundreds of discarded lighters every day. So, if you are going to China, better left your expensive lighters home, but don't worry, you can easily buy a cheap lighter for only 1RMB anywhere on the street. 

For the U.S.A: you can bring one lighter with you, but some certain types are prohibited (like lighter looks like a gun, Micro torches, chef torches, utility torches, etc), and also,  lighters must be in your carry-on or on your person (in your pocket), not in checked baggage. For more details, you can check this PDF file offered by the FAA. 

For Canada: Disposable lighters (e.g. non-refillable Bic type) and non-torch lighters (e.g. Zippo-type) are permitted with carry-on baggage. Lighters must be intended for personal use.

For the UK: You can also carry with yourself for some types of lighters, detailed regulations listed here, please search for "lighter" on this page, you will find it. 


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